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When I was asked to do a project using  SWAROVSKI Elements and new TierraCast components, I knew I wanted to work with the Rivoli crystals.  I had been admiring the beautiful vitrail color for some time and couldn’t wait to get started.  Shooting for a more formal looking piece, I knew I wanted something completely over-the-top, sparkly and fabulous.

Since this was my first time working with these crystals and components  I knew there would be a bit of a learning curve.

Its always a good idea to have all of your supplies ready to go before you start.  Especially when working with glue, you don’t want to have run around looking for something you forgot, while your glue is busy drying.

DO NOT use any type of solvent based super glue. The chemicals in the glue will eat away at the backing of the crystal and cause damage to your piece over time.  I recommend a glue like Crafter’s Pick craft glue.  Another option is Beacon 527 Jeweler’s Glue.  Personally, I prefer the Crafter’s Pick since it is non-toxic and water based.  I have used it for nearly every kind of craft and never had any problems. 

I found that the 12mm rivoli crystals did not fit into the component as seamlessly as the 14mm.  With the 14mm, (see left, above) a small dab of glue was all that was needed.  The 12mm (see right, above) however, needed a much larger amount for a secure hold.

If you use too much glue it will squish out of the sides and make a big mess.  Crafter’s Pick is washable until dry so if you use too much, rinse it completely with warm water and try again.  I had to do this a couple of times before I found the ideal amount of glue to use. You can see in the picture above that I used a little too much glue on the left one.  The glue does dry clear, but you still don’t want it gooped all over the front of your crystal.

Make sure you let your glue set for at least 24 hours (48 is even better) to ensure a secure bond.  If you attempt to use them before the glue is all the way dry your crystal may pop out.  I know waiting is hard but trust me, I learned this the hard way.

Now that you know a little bit about using the SWAROVSKI Elements Rivolis and TierraCast components, you can download a free PDF design booklet for the bracelet seen here.  And if you act fast, you can get 20% off of the materials used in the project!