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Here is Carol to share her finished Sugar Skull!

When I posted last week I was struggling with how to approach the skull face portion of my beading. I had already missed one deadline, I was not about to miss the second. So – I just jumped in. Once I started I was a beader on fire. I was a woman with on a mission.

Well my beaded skull is completed and what a handsome fellow he is.

There is not much more to tell about the challenges (both psychological as well as technical) as those have been pretty well covered. I enjoyed the project very much and I might just use this technique again. I think this technique could work very well on a flat surface. Just think about the options – a brooch, earrings or hair clip. I bet that would look amazing.

You never know, I might be back sometime in the future with a new project using this same technique.

Happy Beading.

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