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Aligator A happy alligator snapping at the parade watchers.Bag Whale

This incredible float was created by over 800 school children and is constructed out of recycled grocery bags!Bag Whale SkeletonHere is the back side of the whale.  The rib cage was made out of plastic cups and the arm bone was created out of plastic silver ware! 
Dancing Lion
Dancing lions.
Elephant on Stilts
See the elephants feet? Plastic buckets!! I can’t imagine how hard it was to walk in but it sure looked awesome.
Garden Fairy
A woodland fairy sitting on amongst the toad stools. Giraffe A rather impressive giraffe hanging out with a pair of box turtles. Gooey Duck And this guy here… is a gooey duck. I don’t know what you thought it was. Jungle Tarzan swinging through the jungle vines. Moths Some cute little moths gathering around a light bulb.Spider See that little girl in the pink? She was not a big fan of this spider. Nope, not at all. Ugly Fish I’m not sure what kind of fish this is. My daughter called it “the bad one. Remember? From Nemo?” ZebraA beautifully constructed zebra.
ButterflyA pretty butterfly spreading her wings.FlamingoA flamingo and a family of frogs.Dandy LionsDandy lions aka “wish flowers” as yelled by the woman standing behind me.

As you can see in the background, the sky was pretty dark and rain was imminent.  The rain managed to wait until well after the parade was over to start to fall.  And even though it was windy and cold, a good time was to be had by all.  Another successful Procession of the Species if you ask me!